As a Capricorn, January is always one of my best times of the year partially because of my favorite awards show, The Golden Globes.  While the show itself isn’t particularly great, it does give Hollywood a good excuse to throw some killer parties.  The Golden Globes is held yearly at the Beverly Hilton, and on the

Dress by Herve Leger, Hair & Makeup by Dermstore

day of the show the entire hotel is transformed into this magical playground where a sea full of men in tuxedos and women in gowns can rub elbows with their favorite stars.  Only those with a coveted after-party invitation or attendees of the show itself are allowed on site which means the stars are relaxed and ready to mingle without the usual security entourages.  While sipping on a vodka soda in the lobby bar, I casually told Sofia Vergara she looked beautiful, after a long moment of staring, as she walked past the velvet ropes into the InStyle party in a glittering gold gown.  Ever the comedian, she responded back in  “I thought you were going to say I looked horrible”.  Keegan-Michael Key stopped to shake hands with a Penn State fan, Jake Gyllenhaal and Ryan Reynolds proved that hot guys hang out in packs, and I would have loved to know what Kristen Wiig and Drew Barrymore were laughing about as they walked through the lobby holding hands and giggling.


                                            NBC Universal Party

Later at the NBC Universal party, Stevie Wonder sat close by while some of Nene Lekes’ friends complimented me on my dress at the bar.  Kendall & Kylie made a fleeting appearance sending whispers through the party that the Jenners had arrived.   From here, I made my way to the Weinstein/Netflix party where I ended the evening by Harvey Weinstein’s table eating KFC spicy chicken which had allegedly been ordered by Cuba Gooding Jr.  And then, greeted by a surprise rainstorm, we took a car to another hotel for one more drink.

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