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Gearing up for the live shows of the Voice, which begin Monday 11/9 at 8:00 pm on NBC, Gwen Stefani and Carson Daly share memories from their No Doubt and TRL past with The Brite Stuff. 

On her first TV performance starting out as an artist:
Gwen Stefani: “They are all exciting, just starting out I mean we were in a band for 9 years before doing any of that stuff so just going to Kinko’s and getting our fliers made, every bit of the process was exciting up to getting on a TV show like The Voice where every bit from the lady who opens the curtains to the people backstage—everyone is so positive and so into it.

Carson Daly: “Gwen is being humble, she as you hear her speak, seems to forget her illustrious professional career. She remembers all the moments in the van, all of the going to the Kinko’s, the fact that she is the type of person who holds onto the journey of becoming successful in music—it’s a much different path for her than it was for these guys, but he fact that she holds onto that makes her a good coach inherently because she appreciates those things. That’s why she’s a wonderful addition to the show. Most A-list people you would have asked that question to would have been like “what…Letterman of course because he reaches 5 million people” versus just playing a show in San Francisco, but she doesn’t look at it like that and that’s why this show works. We get coaches who are good people and that translates into good TV, it’s that simple. And then Mark Burnett produces cinematic television.

On dressing her contestants:
Gwen: “ There is only so much I can do. There are stylists working on the show, so what I do is just talk to them about how important personal style is. There is one circumstance so far that went down that was a success. Sometimes if you are in the right outfit, for me, it can create a whole character and a whole confidence you didn’t know you had. Am I going shopping ad picking out clothes for people? No, but talking about it and giving ideas, Rihanna was giving ideas. Sometimes it can be a little disappointing because I’m not right in there and it’s like, “No that’s not what I meant by this.” I would love to get in there and do all that, but it’s really fun and really important, it’s a really big role in performing.

The Voice airs on NBC Monday and Tuesday nights at 8:00 pm.

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