Let’s take a second and judge the world from LA. Based on my own instinct research and some google searches, I have found that around 37% of people in Los Angeles are single and IF you are lucky enough to find someone to marry here, the average wedding costs $44,000 which is roughly the cost of year’s rent in a decent two-bedroom apartment in Santa Monica. The city is only getting more single each year with the bi-yearly influx of Instagram influencers that come from Bachelor cast-offs.

Ben Higgins, one of our favorite former Bachelors & podcasters, has always appeared to be genuinely looking for love (except when he got engaged to Lauren Bushnell on the show). Now he’s involved with an event called The Wedding Party that is offering 12 couples a chance to get married in a massive blowout ceremony in September of 2019 in Denver for an all-in pricetag of $15,000. Applications are available now but see below for details from Ben himself:

Going through Ben Higgins isn’t the only way to get involved in a mass wedding this year. Famous Pittsburgh sandwich shop Primanti Brothers is offering an all expense paid wedding to anyone who gets engaged in one of their restaurants on Valentine’s Day 2019. All the Primanti couples will get married together in one ceremony complete with french fry stuffed sandwiches in summer of 2019.

For those of us not yet sure if we are getting married this year, here are the LA’s cutest Valentine’s Day treats

Mezcal & CBS infused cocktail from Toca Madera– pretty sure this drink could replace a date if necessary

Go straight from work for Kusshi Oysters from Commerson and call it an early night

Donuts and coffee in bed from Primo’s Donuts LA would be a perfect way to start the day

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