Items that are easy to send and remind your mom of you for those separated during the quarantine.

Flowers that Last Forever

I had always heard about these flowers that lasted for years, but I was a little skeptical a few years ago. I purchased a single red rose encased in an acrylic box for my grandmother, and it has help up miraculously for the past few years. She has it on a tray in her entry hall, and it’s mesmerizing to stare at the flower. You can even open the box to get a closer look. Such a great way to brighten anyone’s day.

Pictured: Le Clair Grand Un by Venus et Fleur, $149

A Personalized Gift Box

I’ve always had a passion for gifting, so over the past few months, I decided to finally channel that passion in a way that I could share with others. Enter: Chapel & Fox, a one-stop gifting destination where carefully curated items come beautifully packaged with handwritten notes.
For our Mother’s Day box, we included a framed photo of your choosing, tea from Boon Tea, a cute handsoap bonbon from Murphy & Daughters, and a tin with truffles from famed chocolatier Louis Sherry.
Pictured: Mother’s Day Gift Box by Chapel & Fox, $65

An Escape from the Grocery Store

For parents who have yet to adopt the grocery delivery technology that we all embrace, some gentle encouragement may be a nice idea in order to keep your mom safe and avoid unnecessary trips to the grocery store.

Instacart Express Membership which offers free delivery for a year, $99
Gobble Weekly Meal Kit Delivery, use my link to send two meals for $18

Personalized Jewelry Storage

Pottery Barn has a great line of leather jewelry armoires which can all be monogrammed. These look great on a dresser or vanity and provide tons of organized storage.

Pictured: McKenna Jewelry Armoire from Pottery Barn, $279

Instant Photos from the Family

Looking for a group gift to share with your siblings spread across the country? The Skylight Frame connects to wifi and automatically downloads any photos which are sent to a personalized e-mail address, a great solution for moving the latest baby pictures out of an Instagram thread and onto full display.

Pictured: Skylight Frame, $159

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