I think we’ve all suffered through far too much of this LA winter so it’s time to reward our poor skin starting right now.  I visited both the office of Dr. John Diaz as well as the Spa on Rodeo to try out the must-have beauty treatments and learn about the best procedures available in 2017. 

Dr. John Diaz & wife Ursula Diaz

Office of Dr. John Diaz
Dr. Diaz, a knowledgable board certified plastic surgeon, offers facial and body procedures in his beautiful Beverly Hills penthouse office in addition to a full line of speciality anti-aging and acne focused skincare products, Honor MD, which he developed with his wife, Ursula Diaz.  While I was in the office, I tried the Honor Peel which is compounded exclusively for his Beverly Hills practice.  Amongst my friends, it seems there is a shared fear of chemical peels and it seems to be uncharted territory.  This gentle peel superficially exfoliated the skin which allows for better penetration of skincare products as well as flawless makeup application– which is why it’s recommended ahead of special events and sometimes referred to as the red carpet peel.  I left the office no redness on my usually sensitive skin and didn’t even feel the need to apply makeup before my next meeting– truly no down time here.

My goodie bag full of Honor MD Products

Office of Dr. John Diaz
465 N Roxbury Dr, Beverly Hills, CA 90210

The Spa on Rodeo

Situated in the quaint Rodeo Collection are of Rodeo Drive, The Spa On Rodeo is a luxury wellness spa created by Board Certified Foot and Ankle Surgeon, known as the “High
Heels Doctor,” Dr. Bobby Pourziaee.  
Following the belief that that healthy feet are the foundation for optimal well-being, the spa offers both traditional and alternative

The pedicures are prepared in raw copper basins and include soaks which are infused with detoxifying chlorophyll and soothing coconut milk. (Photos courtesy of The Spa on Rodeo)

therapies such as sole reflexology, cupping and results oriented skin revision treatments.  The full menu includes manicures and pedicures, a variety of massages and facials, coolsculpting, Juvederm, Botox, body contour wraps, spray tanning, and permanent makeup.  While at the spa, I tried a HyrdaFacial which I absolutely LOVED.  It begins like a typical facial, but instead of continuing with extractions after the serums a suction device is used to infuse your skin with serums as well as seamlessly extract anything that may be clogging your pores.  At the end of the treatment, the aesthetician was able to show me all that had been extracted which was overwhelming visual proof that it works.  Since there are no manual extractions, there is no redness or broken blood vessels which can be a huge deterrent for typical facials.  

The HydraFacial is described as 
a “non-invasive, multistep treatment that combines the benefits of next-level hydradermabrasion, a chemical peel, automated painless extractions (no pinching!) and a special delivery of Antioxidants, Hyaluronic Acid and Peptides.”


While at the Spa on Rodeo, I also tried cupping on my shoulders for the first time.  As someone who always has a lot of tension from driving and carrying around my computer, the treatment is supposed to encourage blood flow in the tense areas and eliminate lactic acid, stagnant blood, and toxins from the muscles.  To me, the actual cupping felt as though it was really stretching my muscles thinly and the resulting bruises were painful to the touch for a number of days afterwards so I don’t know that I was the ideal candidate for this treatment.

The boutique features a skincare line exclusive to the spa.

The Spa on Rodeo
421 N Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills, CA 90210

Skincare at home
I’ve been using the FOREO Luna 2 cleansing brush for the past few months, and I’m a total devotee now.  The device gently oscillates and massages your face while removing all makeup easily.  It also DOESN’T HAVE TO BE PLUGGED IN– one charge lasts for 7 months.  No replacement brush heads, no mold, no fuss.  $199 from Foreo.com.

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