Are you getting restless yet?   While we’re missing summer travel and our social schedules have been majorly revised this year, embrace your time at home and switch up your weekly routine with these ideas to fill your time.

Zoom Cooking Class || Summer Quarantine Activities - The Brite Stuff


I was so excited to hear that a new cooking school and restaurant had plans to open in LA, but unfortunately, the opening of Violet LA coincided with the beginning of COVID-19.  This Westwood spot quickly pivoted and began offering cooking classes on Zoom with prepackaged ingredients available for pick-up at the restaurant so you don’t have to worry about Instacart’s produce-picking or erratic delivery timelines.  I’ve also learned a lot cooking Gobble meals weekly throughout this year, and I’ve signed up for a subscription called Cookie University that sends you monthly cooking-decorating tutorials. 

Drive Thru Zoo Safari, Pittsburgh Zoo|| Summer Quarantine Activities - The Brite Stuff


The Pittsburgh Zoo did the cutest event last week, a “Zoofari Fundraiser” which was a car parade through the zoo.  Families all stayed inside their cars and slowly drove through the zoo, a safe socially distant way to support the zoo and spend a night out—I mean when was the last time you had plans on a Friday night?  The zoo had great local sponsors handing out food (and drinks to passengers!), and all of the animals were out and about—I’m talking tigers, zebras, giraffes, elephants, rhino and flamingos.  We even got up close with a few as zookeepers who were on hand to greet cars with smaller creatures like turtles and snakes. 

Start an Urban Garden|| Summer Quarantine Activities - The Brite Stuff
The Aerogarden home garden thriving in my condo


Checking in on my plants each day has been a strangely fulfilling part of quarantine.  When the days seem to drag on and repeat themselves over and over again, it’s nice to have something to look forward to like fresh herbs or lettuce for a salad which I have been growing in my Aerogarden Since I’ve been avoiding the grocery store, growing my own fresh lettuce is a treat.  We’ve also had success planting zucchini seeds in a pot out on our deck and have a few zucchini maturing as we speak. 

Hot Sauce Tasting Challenge || Summer Quarantine Activities - The Brite Stuff


My boyfriend’s friends came up with this one, but we all ordered the hot sauce pepper challenge kits and delivery from Wingstop to our respective homes one evening.  From there, we hopped on a zoom call and all worked our way up to the spiciest sauce, a fun way to catch up with friends over a shared activity.

Take an Online Course || Summer Quarantine Activities - The Brite Stuff


There are so many skills and certifications you can learn online these days so find something you are passionate about and go for it.  Whether it’s getting your real estate license, studying for the CPA, or setting up a Shopify store, now is the time to put in the work and start prepping for post-pandemic life.

Clean Out your Closet || Summer Quarantine Activities - The Brite Stuff


This goes without saying, you are at home surrounded by STUFF.  Honestly, try on the clothes you never wear for a day since you aren’t seeing anyone.  This may sound a little crazy, but every time I wear a t-shirt and wash it, I add it to the bottom of the pile of shirts.  This forces me to cycle through all my clothes and confront the misfits.  If you don’t love something, donate it or try to sell online (but not on ThredUp). 

Needlepoint Patterns || Summer Quarantine Activities - The Brite Stuff


Needlepoint isn’t for everyone, but it’s a fun craft and something easy to do while watching TV to keep you from looking at your phone every 5 seconds.  Pick a pattern to make an easy personalized gift like a needlepoint belt, glasses case, or adorable pillow like the drinking cheetahs one shown here.

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