As summer is ending for the rest of the country, here are some things all you Californians should invest in now.

Strandboards, customizable surfboard showers

Straight from beautiful Manhattan Beach, Hans Thadhani designs and builds Strandboards, fully customizable outdoor showers fashioned from surfboards.  Each unit is completely customizable and made from a new board, yet many clients provide their own boards which hold special memories. She told The Brite Stuff, “For me beach life means being on, in or around the water as much as possible. Reading, sunbathing, play dates, walks, runs just about anything that involves being close to the ocean. Of course that includes eating and shopping too! Beach life also means when you can’t be by the water you’re reminded of the sea with products that evoke those beach life feelings and vibes.”  The company is currently in talks with a major hotel chain and has surfboard chandeliers and coffee tables in the works.

LEMON: California Roll Speaker, $249

Lemon’s California Roll speaker  is the world’s first solar powered waterproof speaker with high quality sound.  This speaker uses NASA charging technology, voice activation, multiple bluetooth users for DJ mode, and can stream 20 hours of music from 7 hours of sunlight.  Beach day!

Dryfins makes stylish boys and mens swim trunks which feature quick dry built in liners so they easily transition from the beach to the bar with two deep pockets to keep your keys or wallet safe once you leave the water.



Don’t forget your Tillow when you head to the beach!  This towel has a built in pillow, a camouflaged and water-resistant storage pocket to hide your valuables, and a touch-screen window for sending texts while keeping your phone protected from the sand.

Tillow, available in 6 colors for 35.99
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