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Picture this, it’s early January 2021 and my sister and I are sitting by the pool talking about fun ways to invest. I will give my sister, Alli, all the credit on this one because she’s the one who first suggested that AMC was trading very low and we should get in. I’d been wanting to diversify my portfolio and invest in individual companies that I liked for funsies to see what I could get going… so I bought into AMC at $2.85 (and then some more when it dropped to $2.15. All in all, I think I had maybe $2500 invested? Flash forward to the end of the month, and we were stocked to see AMC reach $4. That was just the beginning of a crazy couple of days that involved round-the-clock market-watching and frantic calls to Fidelity when the app and website were down for the first 40 minutes of trading. But guess what… I’ve made over $20K in gains AND I still have $500 shares sitting in AMC for a rainy day.

Receipts just in-case there are non-believers out there

What’s next?

I would recommend putting the majority of your investment into ETFs as they generally are less volatile and provide strong returns.

FASGX– Fidelity Asset Manager 70% – total gain up 17%
FHLC– Fidelity Health Care Index ETF- down 3%, but long term play as health care had already been going up this year
FREL– Fidelity Real Estate Index ETF- up 13%
FWOMX– Fidelity Women’s Leadership Fund- up 24% #womensupportingwomen
FXAIX– Fidelity 500 Index- up 34%

MY NEW STONKS (all purchased in 2021 to hold for the long game)

RRR– Red Rock Resorts, travel is coming back baby
WOOF– love all of Petco’s new technology upgrades & Vetco program
DASH– Doordash is the most sophisticated delivery partner and the only one providing logistics and delivery outside of food
NET– cloud technology, the usual
PLTR– government contracts galore

It’s a great feeling to know that my friends have also made money off of stock tips I’ve shared on Instagram. TO THE MOON 🚀

Dress the Part

I can’t say I’m as much of a day trader as I am a stock enthusiast, but I’m all for taking some chances and trying to get a big return. Once you are playing with house money… why not? A friend clued me into this brand, Culprit, that does men’s and women’s super soft boxers. Talk about jumping on a trend that I’m loving…. this is the description on the website for their
This is not just underwear, this is a part of history! Let’s give the hedgies the wedgies they deserve (while avoiding them entirely ourselves 😉)
100% of the proceeds from purchasing this pair will go to buying and HODLing GameStop. YOU DECIDE what to do with the tendies 💰💰 Once the squeeze has been squoze, everyone who purchases will get to vote. Keep those 💎 🙌
$30, from Culprit Underwear (Consider it an investment)

And of course just remember, Stonks only go up so buy what you like! T-shirt from Wall Street Bets.

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