Equinox in LA has just launched a new class, Groov3, developed by celebrity choreographer and professional dancer, Ben Allen.  Although anyone can technically walk into the class, make sure you come ready to work.  The hour long classes, led to the music of a live DJ, will each feature a unique choreographed routine.  Ben breaks down the sequence and demonstrates step by step, but the music never stops and you are constantly moving.  The vibe of the class was encouraging, and there isn’t much time to notice if your neighbor misses a step or two.

In a true learn-by-doing atmosphere, I left feeling like I had just been to a concert and could maybe cut it in the back row of dancers of a hip hop video.  I think with a few more classes, I could definitely get addicted to the idea of mastering a new routine each week. Trading in Thursday night drinks for this class left my girlfriends and me feeling accomplished and just the right amount of sweaty.  This feels like exactly what you should be doing if you live in LA.

Celebs taking Groov3: Drew Barrymore, Robin Antin, and Angie Harmon

Groov3 classes launch in May of 2015 at GROOV3 at Equinox locations in West LA, Westwood, West Hollywood,
Downtown LA and Glendale.

Twitter: @groov3, @equinox

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