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Bobby Flay

The Napa Film Festival kicked off it’s culinary events with Variety’s Ten to Taste event sponsored by the Food Network and the Cooking Channel.  Ten of Napa’s most innovative chefs presented dishes inspired by iconic films like Pulp Fiction and Julie & Julia.  

Guests sampled each of the creations as they were treated to a panel discussion with chef Bobby Flay, renowned food writer Kevin Pang, actress Emilie de Ravin, and founder of the South Beach Food and Wine Festival Lee Schrager.  In discussion about the next big food trend, Bobby Flay said he is seeing a trend toward more vegetables and less meat at his Manhattan restaurant, Gato.  Even professional chefs can get caught up in a trend, Flay added,

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Actress Emilie De Ravin

“I’ll be honest, I don’t know what a chia seed tastes like, but I see it everywhere and people tell me it’s good for me so I eat it.  I know what steak frites taste like, but I can’t it that everyday.”

Lee Schrager, founder of the South Beach Food and Wine Festival, thinks consumers are much more educated about their food now and want to know where it is coming from, “People recognize farms now, they want meat from specific places and you will see that showcased on menus now.”

Featured Chefs Include:

Chef Elizabeth Binder, Chef Mercedes Ross, Chef Jason Kupper, Chef Anwar “Peaches” Herron, Chef Evan Dodge, Chef Itamar Abramovitch, Chef Heather Love, Chef Barry Shinto, Chef Tim Brown, Chef Misty Phelps.

Napa Valley Film Festival Founders Marc & Brenda Lhormer

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