Learning about the benefits of a vegan diet

VeganSmart A vegan nutritional shake product, hosted a brunch at Palihouse in West Hollywood to introduce its protein shake to a group of Los Angeles influencers.  My first question was what are the benefits of a vegan protein blend vs whey or soy protein?  I learned that some people may not even realize they have sensitivities to whey (dairy) or soy without trying to switch to a plant-based powder.  VeganSmart can be used as a meal replacement or after-workout supplement and comes in chocolate, vanilla, chai, and berry flavors.


In order to introduce non-vegans to the idea of a vegan lifestyle, VeganSmart invented a 21 day cleanse (which can also be done for just 7 or 14 days) to show people the potential benefits of a vegan lifestyle.  See guidelines and recipe ideas below.

With VeganSmart CMO, Kareem Cook, and brand ambassador, Naja Hill


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