James Goldstein Offers Famed Residence to host tennis play, “An Upset”

The famed tennis court at the Sheats-Goldstein residence overlooking Bel Air
The famed tennis court at the Sheats-Goldstein residence overlooking Bel Air

A common love of theater, tennis, and the opportunity to put on an epic event brought friends Chris Schembra, Andrew Sokolsky, and Ryan Sweeney together to produce “An Upset” at the famed Sheats-Goldstein residence in Bel Air.  Notable Angeleno James Goldstein, who recently announced he will donate this home to LACMA, graciously allowed the trio to host an evening James Goldsteinperformance of tennis-centric play, “An Upset”, on the property’s incredible tennis court which looms over Los Angeles.  The two-person play was directed by Jeffrey Meek and featured talented young actors Ryan Sweeney and Troy Clevenger who portrayed the relationship between an older American tennis star and a rising Romanian hotshot during a year on the ATP circuit.  The group of over 200 guests was filled in part by patrons of Chris Schembra’s 747 Club, an intimate series of dinner parties hosted across the country by Schembra in order to help connect friends of friends.  After the performance, guests cleared out the chairs and hit the dance floor and took full advantage of an open bar and private party overlooking Los Angeles from the top of Bel Air.  “An Upset” was made possible by Lacoste, SurfAir, Herradura, and Uno Mas Tequila and benefitted Easter Seals.

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