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Blake Cooper Griffin (90210, Necessary Roughness, JESSIE) is preparing for the world premiere of his newest film, Love Is All You Need?, which will make its debut at the Cinequest Film Festival in Silicon Valley on March 5th. The feature film directed by K. Rocco Shields is based on an award winning short film and viral sensation which showcases what the world would be like if homosexuality was the norm and heterosexual persons were regularly bullied. The impressive case includes Tyler Blackburn, Emily Osment, Jeremy Sisto, and Elizabeth Rohm.

Blake Cooper Griffin spoke exclusively with The Brite Stuff ahead of the Cinequest Film Festival Premiere.

What was your favorite thing about working on Love Is All You Need?
The script. When I finished reading Love is All You Need? I couldn’t sleep. I couldn’t believe how special of a script that K. Rocco Shields and David Tillman had written.  I thought the characters were so interesting and juicy, especially my character. I originally went in for another role, but the casting director brought me back in to audition for the character of Bill Bradley and meet the director and producers. I was so nervous because I wanted the part so badly! I guess I did a good job, because it worked out.

Tell us about the film and your character.
Love is All You Need?  is set in a world where being gay is the norm and heterosexual couples are outside the mainstream. In the story, a guy and girl fall in love on a college campus and are bullied when their relationship goes public. I play Bill Bradley, a college quarterback and fraternity president who has major issues with the couple’s relationship.  The feature film is based on a short film that Rocco directed in 2011 that got 60 million views on YouTube and was translated into 15 different languages. Like the feature, the story encourages us all to look at how we treat others and acknowledge why tolerance and supporting others is vital. It’s really exciting to be a part of something that has the capacity to make a difference.

What was it like on the first day on the set of the film?
First days on sets are like the first day of school. My first day, I walked up to my trailer and found out that my buddy Malcolm Mays was also on the movie in trailer next to me. He and I had done another film together—so I was really stoked to work with him again.  My first day I had to shoot a really climatic scene for my character. The scene included a lot of other characters and required a lot of emotional fuel from me.  We shot that scene well into the early morning hours. Rocco really gave me permission to follow my instincts. It made all the difference. The scene rocks.

Are you friends with your cast members?
Yes. Some of the actors on this film have become my closest friends. Emily Osment and I just spent Thanksgiving together. She’s a great cook!  Briana Evigan and I live very close to one another— and we hang out with Rocco all the time. I also met my good buddy Rafi Gavron on the movie.

What excites you most about premiering at Cinequest Film Festival?
I’m thrilled that we are going to Cinequest. It’s a fantastic film festival and I’m proud our movie is a part of it.  James Franco is one of the people headlining the festival this year. I’m such a fan of his and the daring and imaginative work that he does.  I’m inspired by his creativity.  Also, I’ve never spent much time in Northern California so I think I’m going to extend my trip a bit and check out San Jose and San Francisco.

What else can we watch you in?
I did a movie called Life of a King that stars Cuba Gooding Jr. that was just bought by Netflix. I also just did a guest spot on an episode of House of Lies that was directed by Helen Hunt. I got to work with Helen on her movie RIDE as well so it was great to be directed by her again. She’s one of the most talented people I’ve ever met.

Love Is All You Need? will premiere at Cinequest Film Festival on March 5. The film will have encore screenings at the festival on March 6 & March 9. James Franco and Rita Moreno are headlining this year’s festival.



Blake Cooper Griffin
Twitter: TheGriffster

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