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I started my cross country roadtrip (LA to Nashville) with a stay in Flagstaff, AZ.  Since I’ve already been to the Grand Canyon, we decided to drive north to Page, AZ where the Glen Canyon Dam and Lake Powell are located.  We took a great ½ day raft trip with a company called Colorado River Discovery.

To access the dam, we had to take a bus through a very dark government owned tunnel through the canyons you see above.  Emerging from the dark, we were welcomed by waiting pontoons and the peaceful Colorado River.  We drifted up and down the river, picking out shapes in the canyon walls and looking for wildlife– the group silenced by the beauty.  Every now and then you would see campers or fisherman who had come in from Lee’s Ferry, but for the most part we had the entire canyon to ourselves.  Enjoying a packed lunch on the boat, midway through the journey to the picturesque Horseshoe Bend, we stopped on a sandy embankment and jumped into chilly 40 degree river!

The Grand Canyon can be such a hassle to get in and out of so this was a perfect alternative and a way to see an impressive canyon from below.

Colorado River Discovery
30 6th Avenue
Page, Arizona

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