Paul Nassif,
formerly of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and now starring on
E!’s Botched, recently launched his own skincare line, Nassif MD Bio-Rhythmic
.  I sat down with him at
Cecconi’s in West Hollywood to learn how he developed the products and what we
have to expect in the future of plastic surgery (there is an easy double-chin fix
on the way).  Dr. Nassif comes across as very trustworthy and professional, and I like that he strives to give all his patients a very natural look.  When I asked him about the bump on my nose, he laughed and told me to “Keep it– it’s cute.”


Talk about environmental stressors on the skin.
Your skin is exposed to oxidants daily, everything from carbon dioxide to
pollutants.  These oxidants destroy the cells in your body, damage them, and make them
prematurely age so that is why you need a product with antioxidants.  In my new Nassif MD line, we have some
extremely potent antioxidants which are not commonly heard about in different
skincare products.  Astaxanthin, for example,  is 1000x more powerful than Vitamin
C.  Matrixyl Synthe-6 is a protein
modifier which helps protect your skin.
We have a delivery system for the antioxidants, the Rosemary Extract is
in a liposomal format to deliver those antioxidants where they are needed on
the skin. Also included, BVO-SC, is a very stable form of Vitamin C and
an extremely powerful antioxidant.  I wanted
to make sure these were top of the line antioxidants.

How do the night and day serums differ?

Dr. Nassif:
Roxisomes are very potent antioxidants, but they also help speed up the
recovery and regeneration of the skin and DNA repair.  Due to the circadian rhythms of the body, your skin is in more
of a protective phase during the day, and more repair mechanisms take place at
night.  So stress, everyday life, all of
these things could inhibit or decrease that daily repair. With these products, even
though your skin is mostly in a protective mode, you are still left with some of these
enzymes and antioxidants that will be repairing during the day.  At night we are in heavy repair mode, so even if you are
not sleeping as much, at least your skin is being treated and in the recovery

In the day serum we
have Liposhield which is something that blocks high energy visible light (HEV).  When you are on the computer, that is giving
off a certain kind of UV rays, which actually age your skin. Liposhield
blocks some of those rays–it’s not a
sunscreen, but it blocks some of those rays which are more of a blue
light.  For example, there will be
special eyeglasses for people who are looking an a screen monitor all day.  Being in the medical field, I thought that if
this light is damaging your eyes, it must be damaging your skin.  This is one of the first products to really
protect your skin from HEV light;
 I was glad we were able to include it in our
product.  There have been studies done
showing the long term effects of HEV on the eyes, but the effects on skin have
not been fully measured yet.

What can developing a good skin routine help prevent down the line?
Dr. Nassif:
Obviously, no smoking, sunscreen, hydration, good
genetics, and a good skincare regimen– all
of these things help with your skin.  I
use the word good genetics too.  This product will get your pores smaller, slow down the wrinkles which will inevitably come,
get your more even throughout your skin tones, keep your skin more moist—the
drier it is the worse it will look and the quicker you will get wrinkles.

What are your thoughts on double cleansing?  Using a serum and then cleansing after?
Dr. Nassif:
 I think you are
drying your skin too much, you want to keep the natural oils in your skin.  I don’t think it’s a good idea to have too
many different things.  We have an
exfoliant with this with jojoba and ivory palm seeds.  You want to do that, you want to exfoliate
and have gentle dermabrasion.  That’s
what gets rid of the dead cells.  That’s
why men look good from the beard down, no wrinkles because they shave.

Can you use a Clarisonic everyday?
Dr. Nassif:
Maybe every other day.

Any new plastic surgery procedures coming out you are excited
Dr. Nassif:
There are some new things that we did not create, but we
will be using in our practice.  Interesting
things for cellulite reduction, an injectable that got FDA approved to get rid
of the fat in your neck with an injection.
It’s called Kythera, it’s deoxycholic acid which destroys the fat cells.  You can’t use it all over the body but it
will work for this.

You showcase your career on TV now with Botched, would you ever put
your personal life back on TV?
Dr. Nassif:
No, no personal life.  It’s my career, solid, it shows what we
really do.  I’m not into my home life
stuff on TV anymore.


 I have been using the products for a few days now,
and I will say that they are very gentle and non-irritating with a pleasant
scent.  I’m currently on vacation in Palm
Springs with temperatures of 115, but my face has felt moisturized despite the
extreme heat.  As an added bonus, the pumps for the serum retract into the bottles making them perfect for travel.

NASSIF MD ™ Bio-Rhythmic
launched with three core products – Clock AM Day Serum ($95), Clock PM
Night Serum ($95) and Dawn to Dusk Exfoliating Cleanser ($35). Products can be
purchased at www.nassifmdskincare.com.  Additional products will be released next



Dr. Paul Nassif is a world-renowned Beverly Hills Facial Plastic
& Reconstructive Surgeon. His aesthetic brilliance and over 25 years of experience,
combined with a unique understanding of the medical science of bone and skin
structure, has made him an expert in facial plastic surgery and rhinoplasty.
Dr. Paul Nassif has extensive training and multiple board certifications, over
30 peer reviewed publications, and several prestigious honors and awards. He is
featured as an expert on CNN and has been on NBC Nightly News, Entertainment
Tonight and BBC. He is the director of a fellowship-training program,
accredited by the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive
Surgery, which instructs young facial plastic surgeons in his innovative
surgical techniques.

Follow Dr. Nassif: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

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