I love the idea of new kitchen gadgets, but to be honest I hadn’t really ever considered buying a bread machine until I read this article in Taste which enlightened me to the fact that bread machines used to be a household staple in America.  After confirming this with my grandmother who said she used to bake bread weekly for her kid’s lunches, I looked on Amazon and found that an Oster bread machine from Amazon for only $43.00.  SOLD!

After already making two beautiful loaves, I like the classic white bread recipe the best.  Once you have the ingredients, it literally takes less then 2 minutes to put them in the machine.  From there, you press start and sit back for 3 hours while it kneads, rises, and bakes your bread to perfection. One good thing to note is the bread you make won’t have any preservatives or high fructose corn syrup like some store-bought loaves.  Looking forward to trying out new variations and other recipes I can make in the machine like pasta, soft pretzels, dinner rolls, and jams.  If you swap homemade bread for $5 loaves from Whole Foods, your machine will have paid for itself in around 2 months.  Don’t you want to be the overachieving friend who bakes their own bread?

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