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Drive-in movie premieres are now a thing, and it’s amazing. As someone who has spent years covering red carpet premieres and waiting around in crowds, the fact that I could go in my sweatpants and have popcorn & dinner in my car was amazing. Director and star Mark Webber drove himself to his own premiere and posed in his car on the red carpet which is pretty badass. In a time when we need to be safe, it’s nice to see that life goes on from a safe distance.

The film was beautifully shot– a poignant artsy tale of love and loss through the eyes of a young child. A Tribeca Film Festival Grand Jury Nominee, The Place of No Words will be available for streaming on Amazon Prime & Apple starting October 23rd.

Realistic fantasy film THE PLACE OF NO WORDS centers around the question, “where do we go when we die?” as a young boy (Bodhi Palmer) leads his family on a magical adventure filled with mythical creatures while his father (Mark Webber) battles a terminal illness. This story explores the difficulties in confronting and coping with death through an imaginative, vivid experience that takes the audience through an intimate, emotional journey filled with joy, fear, and wonder.

In attendance:
FROM THE FILM: Mark Webber (writer/director/star), Phoebe Tonkin, Nicole Berger
GUESTS: Erica Christensen, Mary Fitzgerald, Romain Bennet, Will McCormack, Emily Arlook, Jessica McNamee, Cole Manes, Marianna Palka, Betsy Landoll

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